Al Islam
The Surrender to God


Adam and the Patriarchs

Noah and the Flood

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Moses and Aaron

The Prophets

Messiah and the People of the Book

Muhammed and the Rightly Guided Caliphs

Twelve sons of Ishmael and Israel

The Koran

1: 1. In the name of ALLAH, the Gracious, the Merciful.
1: 2. All praise is due to ALLAH alone, Lord of all the worlds.
1: 3. The Gracious, the Merciful.
1: 4. Master of the Day of Judgment.
1: 5. THEE alone do we worship and THEE alone do we implore for help.
1: 6. Guide us in the straight path,
1: 7. The path of those on whom THOU hast bestowed THY favours, those who have not incurred THY displeasure and those who have not gone astray.
2: 1. In the name of ALLAH, the Gracious, the Merciful.
2: 2. Alif, Lam, Mim.
2: 3. This is a perfect Book; there is no doubt in it; it is a guidance for the righteous,
2: 4. Who believe in the unseen and observe prayer and spend out of what WE have provided for them.
2: 5. And who believe in that which has been revealed to thee and that which was revealed before thee and they have firm faith in the hereafter.
2: 6. It is they who follow the guidance from their LORD and it is they who shall prosper.
2: 7. Those who have disbelieved - it being alike to them whether thou warn them or warn them not - they will not believe.
2: 8. ALLAH has set a seal on their hearts and their ears, and over their eyes is a covering; and for them is a grievous chastisement.
2: 9. And of the people there are some who say, `We believe in ALLAH, and the Last Day;' while they are not believers at all.
2: 10. They would deceive ALLAH and those who believe, but they deceive none but themselves; only they perceive it not.
2: 11. In their hearts was a disease, so ALLAH has increased their disease, and for them is a grievous punishment because they lied.
2: 12. And when it is said to them, `Create not disorder in the earth,' they say `We are only promoters of peace.'
2: 13. Beware ! it is surely they who create disorder, but they do not perceive it.
2: 14. And when it is said to them, `Believe as other people have believed,' they say, `Shall we believe as the fools have believed ?' Remember ! it is surely they that are the fools, but they do not know.
2: 15. And when they meet those who believe, they say, `We believe;' but when they are alone with their ring-leaders they say, `We were only mocking.'
2: 16. ALLAH will punish their mockery and will let them continue in their transgression, wandering blindly.
2: 17. These are they who have bartered away guidance for error, but their traffic has brought them no gain, nor are they rightly guided.
2: 18. Their case is like the case of a person who kindled a fire, and when it lighted up all around him, ALLAH took away their light and left them in thick darkness, they see not.
2: 19. They are deaf, dumb and blind; so they will not return.
2: 20. Or, it is like a heavy rain from the clouds, wherein is thick darkness and thunder and lightning; they put their fingers into their ears because of the thunder claps for fear of death, and ALLAH encompasses the disbelievers.
2: 21. The lightning might well nigh snatch away their sight; whenever it shines upon them, they walk therein; and when it becomes dark to them, they stand still. And if ALLAH had so willed HE could take away their hearing and their sight; surely ALLAH has the power to do all that HE wills.
2: 22. O ye men ! worship your Lord WHO created you and those before you, that you may guard against evil.
2: 23. WHO made the earth the earth a bed for you, and the heaven a roof, and caused water to come down from the clouds and therewith brought forth fruits for your sustenance; so do not set up equals to ALLAH, while you know.